U. S. General Hospital Patterson Park

Founded: April 19, 1862
Closed:  June 15, 1865. Patients transferred to Hicks General Hospital
Location: Barracks in the Patterson Park, eastern suburbs of the city at head of E Baltimore Street and near Fort Marshall, Baltimore, MD

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1863-1964
    Notes: Served as a general hospital April 18, 1862 to March 14, 1863; convalescent hospital March 15, 1863-April 1864; and general hospital May 1864 to its closure.
    Source: Indexes to Field Records of Hospitals, 1821-1912. Maryland. National Archives, Washington, DC. RG94 E544


  • Luckey, John, The Flag of truce Baltimore: Printed by James Young …, 1862