Nursery and Child’s Hospital of Baltimore City

Founded: 1878
Location: Corner of Franklin and Schroeder Sts., Baltimore, MD


Additional Information

  • Dates: 1880/05/18
    NotesNursery and Child’s Hospital. — The anniversary of the Nursery and Child’s Hospital took place yesterday at noon, at the institution, corner of Schroeder and Franklin streets. There was quite a display of flowers in the chapel, where the exercises were held, which were presented by Mrs. Charles J. Baker, Mrs. John Gilman and from the grounds of the nursery. Rev. J.T. Leftwich presided. Addresses were made by Revs. J.E. Grammer and H. R. Naylor. It was stated that the indebtedness on the property, which a little over a year ago, when it passed into the hands of the ladies managing the hospital, was $25,500, had been reduced to $15,000. The recent charity ball at the Academy of Music netted $5,400. The ladies are greatly in need of funds to meet the current expenses of the institution and to pay interest on the debt remaining upon the property. There are at present 45 children in the nursery, ranging in age from two weeks to four years, and 8 in the hospital, from three to twelve years of age. There has not been any contagious disease in the institution during the past year, nor any of the ailments to which children of such tender years are subject. Mrs. C.F. Bevan is president, Mrs. J. Morrison Harris and Mrs. Wm. T. Harrison, secretaries, and Mrs. A.B. Gordon, treasurer.
    Source: Sun, May 15, 1880.
  • Dates: 1894
    Notes: THE NURSERY AND CHILD’S HOSPITAL is situated at Franklin and Schroeder streets, Baltimore, and was organized in 1878, the cost of the same, including grounds, being $140,000. The object of this institution is to provide homes for the homeless and abandoned infants, keeping this class of waifs and foundlings until they reach the age of four years, at which age they are transferred to other institutions or provided with homes. There is a free dispensary connected with the institution. The entire work is one of charity, none of its officers, physicians or surgeons receiving compensation. Every penny contributed is expended in the work of the institution, the management of which has been most economical. There were 200 beneficiaries in the year 1893. It is estimated that not less than 2,500 children have been gathered from different parts of the State. It is very evident from the cost of the building and the work of the institution that great economy has been exercised, and the efficiency of the Board demonstrated. The General Assembly of 1892 appropriated the sum of $2,500 annually to this institution.
    Source: Message of Frank Brown, Governor of Maryland, to the General Assembly at its Regular Session, January, 1894 Baltimore: Wm. J.C. Dullany Company: 78
  • Dates: 1901
    Notes: Cor. Franklin and Schroeder Sts. Object.–To give free hospital treatment to children between the ages of 1 and 15 years, suffering from sickness, injury or other remediable deformity. Private rooms for pay patients, $8 to $18 a week.
    Source: Charity Organization Society, Directory of the Charitable and Beneficent Organizations of Baltimore together with Legal Suggestions, Etc. Baltimore: : 46
  • Dates: 1920
    NotesAmounts appropriated for state-aided institutions, from the Maryland Manual, 1921-1922.