Bon Secour Hospital

Founded: 1919
: 2200 block West Baltimore Street (1919-1965), Baltimore, MD

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1907
    Notes: By 1907, there were about 20 nuns at the Bons Secours Baltimore mission, busily nursing the sick, caring for children and performing other duties. In 1919, they did something new, something that was not part of their original mission: they built a 20-bed hospital. “It was the first hospital our order built,” says Sister Urban. (Today, she notes, the order operates hospitals in three other U.S. cities and runs 19 clinics in depressed areas around the world.)
    Since then, the hospital has grown continuously: in 1958, a new wing was built; in 1964, a new intensive-care unit; in 1972, a new emergency room. (In 1921, the Sisters built their own nursing school, adjacent to the hospital. All Bon Secours nuns become nurses, and “the order trained it own for many years, ” notes Sister Nancy. In fact, both she and Sister Urban attended Bon Secours’ nursing school. However, the school closed its doors in 1970, says Sister Nancy, because “nursing had become so specialized that it was easier to send our people to four-year colleges.”
    Source: City Paper (Baltimore), 1907
  • Dates: 1957
    Notes: See also: “Hospital Builds New Wing” Evening Sun (Baltimore) Jun. 5, 1957
  • Dates: 1965
    Notes: See also: “Razing begun on Novitiate: 90-year-old Bon Secours Structure Comes Down” Sun (Baltimore) Oct. 11, 1965
  • Dates: 1974
    Notes: See also: “The Sisters of Bon Secours: Celebrating 150 Years of Care” News American (Baltimore) Feb. 8, 1974
  • Dates: 1981
    Notes: See also: “Home-care hospital: Bon Secours has returned to its original method” Sun (Baltimore) Jul. 18, 1981.


  • Twenty-fifth anniversary of Bon Secours Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, 1919-1944. Baltimore: Bon Secours Hospital, 1944.