Temporary Army hospital

Founded: by April 1861
: located in a vacant building across from City Hall [Peale Museum], Baltimore, MD

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1861/04/23
    Notes: In a vacant building across from City Hall a hospital was established with the following physicians:

    Dr. Edward Warren Surgeon
    Dr. Horace A. Brooks Chief Surgeon
    Dr. H.C. Nelson Surgeon
    Dr. John N. Coohan Surgeon
    Dr. A.S. Erick Surgeon
    Dr. Davis Thompson Surgeon
    Dr. C.C. Lee Surgeon
    Dr. J.C. McKenzie Surgeon
    Dr. T.G. McKenzie Surgeon
    Dr. Wilson Surgeon’s Staff
    Dr. Yellot Surgeon’s Staff
    Dr. Church Surgeon’s Staff

    Source: South (Baltimore), 1861/04/23