Hebrew Benevolent Society

Founded: Chartered 1868
: Baltimore, MD

Additional Information

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    Notes: The Hebrew Hospital owes its existence to the Hebrew Benevolent Society, which, in March, 1863, appointed a committee to report a plan for the establishment of a hospital. The corner-stone was laid on the 25th of June, 1866, but the “Hebrew Hospital and Asylum Association” was not chartered until Jan. 13, 1868, and in May of that year the building, corner of Ann and Monument Streets, was completed, at a cost of sixty-three thousand dollars, and opened for the reception of patients. The object of the association is to “afford surgical and medical aid, comfort, and protection in sickness to the suffering and needy, and to provide an asylum for the infirm and destitute, and for all other purposes appertaining to hospitals, asylums, and dispensaries.” The average number of inmates is between twenty and twenty-five; the hospital will accommodate thirty-two patients. The income is derived from subscriptions, donations, bequests, etc. The officers are Joseph Friedenwald, president from the beginning until the present time; Vice-President, B.F. Ulman; Treasurer, A.S. Adler; Secretary, Ignatius Lauer. The Ladies’ Hebrew Hospital Association, which was formed in 1868, was dissolved on the 7th of Maryland, 1880. It had been largely instrumental in the construction and support of the hospital.
    Source: Scharf, J. Thomas, History of Baltimore City and County, Maryland : 747
  • Dates: 1901
    Notes: Relieves needy sick Hebrews in their homes.
    Source: Charity Organization Society, Directory of the Charitable and Beneficent Organizations of Baltimore together with Legal Suggestions, Etc. Baltimore: 38, 39