John Whitridge

Birth: 1793, Mar. 23
Death: 1878, Jul. 23
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City

US Census

Year Occupation County Ward/District Post Office Page
1850 physician Baltimore City 10 69


Date Name Occupation Address City
1840-1841 John Whitridge doctor office and dwelling: Gay St. south of Saratoga Baltimore City
1877 John Whitridge doctor 181 N. Charles St. Baltimore City
1868-1869 John Whitridge doctor 181 N Charles Baltimore City
1842 John Whitridge doctor Gay st s of Saratoga Baltimore City
1845 J. Whitridge physicians north Gay near Saratoga Baltimore City
1833 John Whitridge doctor Gay St north of Shot Tower Baltimore City
1831 John Whitridge doctor N Gay St north of Shot Tower Baltimore City
1865-1866 John Whitridge doctor 49 N Charles Baltimore City
1829 John Whitridge M.D. 96 Exeter Baltimore City
1827 John Whitridge M.D. 79 Exeter Baltimore City
1824 John Whiteridge M.D. 77 Green, OT Baltimore City
1822-1823 John Whiteridge M.D. NW corner of Green and Low, OT Baltimore City
1863-1864 J. Whitridge doctor 49 N Charles Baltimore City
1867-1868 John Whitridge doctor 181 N Charles Baltimore City
1837-1838 John Whitridge doctor office and dw Gay st s of Saratoga Baltimore City
1853-1854 John Whitridge doctor 53 N. Gay St. Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1793-1878
    Notes: Born at Riverton, R.I., March 23, 1793. Graduated from Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., 1812, taking A.M.; M.D., Harvard University, 1819; settled at Baltimore, 1820; practiced medicine there fifty-three years. Died at Tiverton, July 23, 1878.
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Medical Annals of Maryland 1799-1899 Baltimore: The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty for the State of Maryland: 620
  • Dates: 1837/09/08-1839/12/07
    Notes: [Tombstone] Olivia Cushing Whitridge. She was the first interment in Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
  • Dates: 1839/12/07
    Notes: [Obituary] Death of Olivia Cushing Whitridge, daughter of Dr. John Whitridge.
  • Dates: 1840/04

    LOST, on the 8th inst. A red COW, with a white face, 6 or 8 years old; she had on a brass collar, engraved thereon “Dr. John Whitridge, North Gay street, next to the Shot Tower.” Three Dollars reward will be paid for her.


    Source: Sun (Baltimore), 1840/04

  • Dates: 1851/01/02
    Notes: Outrageous Assault.–A man named Bannerman, a German shoemaker residing in Old town, was assaulted in the most outrageous manner by a party of demoralizing brutes, about ten o’clock on Monday night. Not content with giving him blow after blow, and inflicting a cut in the throat with a sharp instrument, they knocked him down, and one of the party jumped upon him repeatedly in the most brutal manner. He had just left the house of Mr. Louis Weaver when he was attacked. He was taken to his residence, and, under the direction of Dr. Whitridge, will doubtless recover all his animal functions.
    Source: Sun (Baltimore), 1851/01/02
  • Dates: 1853/02/16
    Notes: Accident— Mr. John Wilson, of East street, near Fayette, was quite badly hurt on Monday evening, by a fall received while engaged in decorating the hall at the Temperance Temple for the “Tin-plate and Sheet Iron workers Association.” He fell a height of about ten feet. He is now doing well, under the care of Dr. Whitridge.
    Source: Sun (Baltimore), 1853/02/16
  • Dates: 1853/09/15

    Arrest of a Fugitive Slave in Philadelphia

    PHILADELPHIA, Thursday, Sep. 15

    WILLIAM SPRIGGS, a fugitive slave, claimed by Dr. JOHN WHITRIDGE, of Baltimore, was arrested here this afternoon by a young man of 18, a son of the celebrated GEO. F. ALBERT. A hearing was had before Commissioner INGRAHAM, when the fugitive acknowledged that he was a slave, and refused to have counsel. A warrant was therefore made out, and the slave started for home with his master. There was no excitement, and no colored persons present at the hearing.

    Source: New York Times (New York), 1853/09/15

  • Dates: 1854/11/21
    Notes: Sad Accident from the Use of Fire-Arms.–An accident occurred on Sunday afternoon on High st., near Hillen, by which a boy named Francis Shaw, aged about sixteen years, had his left hand blown off. He was playing with a loaded pistol, which, by some accident, exploded, the whole charge going through his hand. Officer Hays, who was near by, took the lad to the office of Dr. Whitridge, where the wound was dressed, after which he was removed to the residence of his parents in Exeter street. It is thought the hand will have to be amputated.
    Source: Sun (Baltimore), 1854/11/21
  • Dates: 1861/08/01
    Notes: “Judge Sherman, of Newburgh; Major Kendrick, of West Point; Tyler Davidson, of Cincinnati; G.W. Pettis, of Boston; Dr. John Whitridge and Thos. Whitridge, of Baltimore; H.H. Wolcott, of Bridgeport; G.H. Thayer, of Louisville, and Mr. Probasco, of Cincinnati, are at the Fifth-avenue Hotel.”
    Source: New York Times (New York), 1861/08/01
  • Dates: 1861-1862
    Notes: Served as Attending Physician, Baltimore City and County Alms House, 1861-2
    Source: Quinan, John Russell, Medical Annals of Baltimore from 1608 to 1880, including Events, Men and Literature to which is added a Subject Index and Record of Public Services Baltimore: Press of Isaac Friedenwald: 250
  • Dates: 1874/10/26
    Notes: [Tombstone] Patty Ann Atavis, Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
  • Dates: 1874/10/26
    Notes: [Obituary] d. 26 October 1874, Patty Ann Atavis, a faithful and devoted nurse of Dr. John Whitridge, for over 36 years aged 58 years. G.M. Cem. Q9
    Source: Dielman – Hayward File. Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD. Drawer 105.
  • Dates: 1878/07/23
    Notes: [Tombstone], Dr. John Whitridge, Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
  • Dates: 1878/07/23
    Notes: Died, Baltimorean, died at Tiverton, RI, July 23, 1878, age 85
    Source: Arps, Walter E., Jr., Maryland Mortalities 1876-1915 from the (Baltimore) Sun Almanac Westminster: Family Line Publications: 244
  • Dates: 1878/07/24
    Notes: [Obituary] Dr. John Whitridge
    Source: Sun (Baltimore), 1878/07/24
  • Dates: 1878/07/25
    Notes: [Obituary] Dr. John Whitridge
  • Dates: 1894/03/14
    Notes: [Obituary], Mrs. Cathrine Whitridge, wife of Dr. John Whitridge