Lewellys Franklin Barker

Birth: 1867, Sep. 16
Death: 1943
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City


Date Name Occupation Address City
1906 doctor 1035 N. Calvert St. Baltimore City
1912 Lewellys Franklin Barker doctor 1035 N. Calvert St.; office: Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1867-?
    Notes: Born in Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, September 16, 1867. M.B. and Medalist at Toronto University, 1890; L.C.P. and S., Ontario; Assistant Resident Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1891-92; Fellow in Pathology. Johns Hopkins University, 1892-93; Associate Professor of Anatomy, Johns Hopkins University, 1898-1900; Assistant Pathologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1892-99; Pathologist, 1899-1900; Professor of Anatomy, University of Chicago, 1900-; author of “The Nervous System and its Constituent Neurones,” New York, 1899.
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Medical Annals of Maryland 1799-1899 Baltimore: The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty for the State of Maryland: 312
  • Dates: 1878-1944
    Notes: The Lewellys Franklin Barker Collection. In The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • Dates: 1907
    Notes: Consultant, Medical and Surgical Staff, Hebrew Hospital
    Source: Hebrew Hospital and Asylum Association, Report of the Hebrew Hospital and Asylum Association of Baltimore City, January 1907 : : 4


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