William Thackeray Cathell

Birth: 1864, Dec. 4
Death: 1916, Aug. 24
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City


Date Name Occupation Address City
1912 William Thackeray Cathell doctor 1308 N. Charles St.; office: 1636 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1864-?
    Notes: Born at Baltimore, December 4, 1864. A.B., Loyola College, 1884; A.M., Loyola College, 1896; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, 1886; Specialist in Diseases of the Nose and Throat. 1308 North Charles Street, Baltimore.
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Medical Annals of Maryland 1799-1899 Baltimore: The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty for the State of Maryland: 345
  • Dates: 1864-1916

    Name:  William Thackery Cathell
    Cause of death: nephritis
    Death date: Aug 24, 1916
    Place of death: Baltimore, MD
    Birth date: 1864
    Place of birth: Baltimore, MD
    Type of practice: Allopath
    Practice specialities:OTO Otolaryngology
    States and years of licenses:MD, 1894
    Places and dates of practices:Baltimore, MD, 1886
    Medical school(s): College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore, Baltimore, 1886, (G)
    Other education: Private, public schools, Loyola Coll.
    Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 67:893

    Source: Directory of Deceased American Physicians 1804-1929

  • Dates: 1897-1890
    Notes: Faculty, Baltimore University School of Medicine
    Source: Abrahams, Harold J., Extinct Medical Schools of Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society: 234