Henry Mills Hurd

Birth: 1843, May 3
Death: 1927, Jul. 19
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City


Date Name Occupation Address City
1912 Henry Miles Hurd doctor 1023 St. Paul St. Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates:
    Notes: See also: Cullen, Thomas Stephen, Henry Mills Hurd, the first superintendent of the Johns Hopkins hospital (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1920.) 147 p. front., ports. 21 cm.

    LC CALL NUMBER: R154.H85 C8

  • Dates: 1815-1900
    Notes: HENRY S. HURD, M.D., died August 11, at the home of his son, Dr. Henry M. Hurd, superintendent of Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Another son is Dr. Arthur W. Hurd, superintendent Buffalo State Hospital for Insane. The deceased was born in Roxbury, Conn., in 1815, and had practiced in Galesburg, Ill., from 1854 up to three years ago.
    Source: Deaths and Obituaries The Journal of the American Medical Association XXXV August 25, 1900: 512
  • Dates: 1843-?
    Notes: Born at Union City, Mich., May 3, 1843. Educated at the University of Michigan; A.B., 1863; M.D., 1866; A.M., 1870; LL.D., 1895; Assistant Superintendent, Michigan Asylum, Kalamazoo, 1870-78; Superintendent, Eastern Michigan Asylum, Pontiac, 1878-89; Superintendent, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1889-; Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University, 1893-; President, American Academy of Medicine, 1896; author of “Hospitals, Dispensaries and Nursing” (with Dr. J.S. Billings), 1894; “Suggestions to Hospital and Asylum Visitors” (with Dr. J.S. Billings), 1895; Editor of Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1890-; Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, 1890-; Co-Editor, American Journal of Insanity, 1894-. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Medical Annals of Maryland 1799-1899 Baltimore: The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty for the State of Maryland: 447
  • Dates: 1878-1922
    Notes: The Henry Mills Hurd Collection. In The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • Dates: 1897-1898
    Notes: Newspaper articles relating to famous leprosy case:

    • “Mary Sansone, the Leper. Physician’s House on the Old Quarantine Grounds Will be Used as Temporary Quarters for Her.” Sun (Baltimore), July 13, 1897
    • “Don’t Want the Leper. Testimony Heared in the Suit to Restrain Mary Sansone from Being Placed at Quarantine.” Sun (Baltimore), December 3, 1897
    • “Dr. Jones is Puzzled. May Soon be Required to Provide Quarters for Mrs. Mary Sansone, the Leper.” Sun (Baltimore), August 10, 1898
    • “No Danger of Contagion. What Drs. Hurd and Osler Say About Mrs. Mary Sansone the Leper at Johns Hopkins.” Sun (Baltimore), June 14, 1897
    • “Dangers of Leprosy. Dr. William Osler Says That They Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.” Sun (Baltimore), March 03, 1898
    • “Hope for the Leper. Marked Improvement under Care and Treatment in the Case at Johns Hapkins Hospital.” Sun (Baltimore), January 15, 1898
    • “No Room for the Leper. Improvement Company Restrains the City from Establishing Mary.” Sun (Baltimore), August 06, 1897
    • “Allegheny City and Leper Woman.” Sun (Baltimore), June 10, 1897
    • “Miss Douthat’s Case. Why She Could Not Remain at the Hopkine Training School for Nurses.” Sun (Baltimore), January 24, 1898
    • “The Leper Case. Argued in the Court of Appeals Yesterday-The Contentions of Both Sides.” Sun (Baltimore), March 09, 1898
    • “In and About Town. Almanac for Baltimore This Day.” Sun (Baltimore), June 12, 1897
    • “Summary of the News. Government Weather Report.” Sun (Baltimore), September 10, 1897
    • “Local Briefs. Bits of News and Gossip Gathered Here and There in All Section of Baltimore.” Sun (Baltimore), December 04, 1897
    • “Summary of the News. Government Weather Report.” Sun (Baltimore), June 12, 1897
    • “Forecast for Baltimore and Vicinity.” Sun (Baltimore), December 08, 1897
    • “Forecast for Baltimore and Vicinity.” Sun (Baltimore), December 17, 1897



  • Billings, John Shaw and Henry M. Hurd, Suggestions to hospital and asylum visitors Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company. With introduction by S. Weir Mitchell