Thomas Sappington

Birth: 1816, Oct. 16
Death: 1901, Aug. 11
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City


Date Name Occupation Address City
1868-1869 Thomas Sappington doctor 207 Franklin Baltimore City
1877 Thomas Sappington doctor 70 Centre St. Baltimore City
1865-1866 Thomas Sappington doctor 207 Franklin Baltimore City
1867-1868 Thomas Sappington doctor 112 St. Paul Baltimore City
1863-1864 Thomas Sappington doctor 207 Franklin Baltimore City
1881 Thomas Sappington doctor 70 W. Centre Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1801, Jun. 9
    Notes: “Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland meet at Annapolis and elect Dr. Philip Thomas, President (2d); John T. Schaaf, Treasurer, and A. Alexander, Secretary; Examiners, Western Shore, are John Archer, A. Alexander, Chas. A. Warfield, Richard I. Duckett, Gheselin, Tabs, Sappington. Licentiate’s Dipolmas granted to Drs. James Glasgow, Adam Clendenin (Baltimore county), James M. Taylor. A plan for a Medical College in Baltimore was proposed at this meeting.”
    Source: Quinan, John Russell, Medical Annals of Baltimore from 1608 to 1880, including Events, Men and Literature to which is added a Subject Index and Record of Public Services Baltimore: Press of Isaac Friedenwald: 23
  • Dates: 1816-1901
    Notes: Born at Libertytown, Frederick County, Md., October 16, 1816; son of Col. Thomas Sappington; grandson of Dr. F. B. Sappington, Founder. Educated at St. John’s College, Frederick; attended one course of lectures at the University of Maryland, a second at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated, 1839; practiced at Libertytown, 1839-53, then removed to Baltimore; retired about 1876. Died at Baltimore, August 11, 1901.
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Medical Annals of Maryland 1799-1899 Baltimore: The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty for the State of Maryland: 559
  • Dates: 1901
    Notes: Died, Baltimore City, Aug. 11, 1901, age 84
    Source: Arps, Walter E., Jr., Maryland Mortalities 1876-1915 from the (Baltimore) Sun Almanac Westminster: Family Line Publications: 202