Leonard Kocker

Birth: ?
Death: ?
Occupation: dentist

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City


Date Name Occupation Address City
1812 Leonard Kocker dentist 2 Griffith’s Bridge, O.T. Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1812

    Respectfully tenders his services to a generous public, in all the different branches of his profesion, viz: in making and fixing artifical jaws; piecing broken teeth; setting in artificial teeth, either single or in rows to any number, which shall be not only a perfection of natural teetch, but will also answer nearly all their useful purposes and thereby make any former deficiency imperceptible, besides giving the yet remaining teeth move stability and keeping them in a better state of preservation; in cleansing and beautifying the teeth as far as their state will admit; in filling up hollow teeth with lead or gold foil, by which expedient not only the pain attending decayed teeth, but also the disagreeable smell which they convey to the breath can be removed: they will then be rendered fit for their assigned use generally during life; in applying ligatures to sound teeth of an irregular position. All those operations are performed without the least pain; and lastly, in extracting teeth. For this operation (which ought always be performed with the greatest care & attention) L.K. is furnished with the best and most approved instruments, and engages himself to perform it in such a manner as to give the least possible pain. L.K. in general pledges himself, by the utmost probity, carefulness and punctual attendance, to make himself worth of the public’s patronage. He keeps a well selected supply of the most approved Dentrifices of every description, to accommodate any demands.

    Poor people suffering with diseases of the teeth or gums will be carefully attended.

    From: Federal Gazette & Baltimore Daily Advertiser, January 2, 1812.