Ephraim Bell

Birth: 1793
Death: ?
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1790-1889

    Bell, Ephraim, Dr., 1793-1875.
    Title Statement
    [manuscript] : Papers, 1790-1889.
    7 boxes.
    Title Statement
    [manuscript] : Papers, 1790-1889.
    Restriction Note
    Summary, Etc. Note
    Summary:  Papers of Dr. Ephraim Bell, his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. &
    Mrs. Thomas Deford, as well as items of other members of the Deford
    family, chiefly Thomas Deford's father Benjamin, and his tanning business,
    B. Deford & Co. BOX 1: Primarily bills and receipts for goods and services
    purchased by Ephraim Bell, 1821-75. Also, promissory notes to Bell, and
    assorted memoranda. BOX 2: Bills and receipts separated from those in Box
    1, including; tax bills and receipts, 1834-75; and Baltimore City Water
    Rent tax bills and warnings, 1862-75. Receipts for subscriptions to
    newspapers and periodicals, 1830-75. Tuition bills and collection notices
    from Bell to others to support students in a School for Indigent Children
    located in the 7th District of Baltimore County, 1840-48. Receipts for
    insurance policies, 1840-51. U. S. Internal Revenue Licenses to practice
    medicine and tax receipts, 1863-67. Receipt Book, 1839-75. Two Cash Books,
    1835-37, 1837-41. BOX 3: Ephraim Bell correspondence mostly concerning
    financial matters, friendship, and a few concerning local politics. Also,
    correspondence and official forms concerning Bell's appointment as
    postmaster at MD Line. Legal papers include deeds, surveys, and two
    notices to the constable to hold people for debt to Bell. Estate papers of
    Peter Smyser (d. 1835), Ephraim Bell, executor, including promissory notes
    to Smyser, 1828, 1831, promissory notes from Smyser to others paid by
    estate, 1832-22, will of Peter Smyser, 1834, bills and receipts relative
    to estate, 1835-42, administrative accounts, inventory of estate, and
    memoranda of Ephraim Bell concerning estate. BOX 4: Deford papers,
    1790-1872 consisting mainly of receipts and bills for goods and services
    purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Deford, 1870-72, and deeds and other legal
    documents concerning farmland and other property in PA and involving such
    persons as William McVitty, John Taylor, George Johnson, and others,
    1790-1843. Also, receipts and bills of Benjamin Deford, 1841-43, a few
    items of Thomas Deford correspondence, including an 1861 letter from the
    "Committee for the Ward" advising him to keep his "most violent 'Union' or
    'Administration' sentiments" to himself, or reserve such pronouncements to
    where they will be more hospitably received, and many letters of sympathy
    for the family of Benjamin Deford upon his death in 1870. BOX 5: Deford
    papers, 1873-1889 and n.d. consisting mostly of bills and receipts for
    goods and services purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Deford, 1873-75, as well
    as items concerning the many charitable works of Mrs. Deford with
    hospitals, schools, and the Presbyterian Church. A few items of social
    correspondence, invitations, newspaper clippings, and notes and memoranda.
    BOX 6: B. Deford and Company-Bill Book, 1832-43, Two Sales Ledgers,
    1840-41 and 1842-44. BOX 7: B. Deford and Company-Two Cash Books, 1837-38
    and 1840-41, Receipts Book, 1838-43.
    Other Forms Note
    A few newspaper clippings were xeroxed and the original destroyed. Some
    contemporary MS copies of legal documents.
    Terms of Use
    Information on literary right available in repository.
    Source of Acq. Note
    Gift; S. D. Drewry Deford; May 1973.
    Associated Materials
    Other Deford papers may be found in MSS 1964 and 2095.
    Biog./Historical Note
    Ephraim Bell, medical doctor in northern Baltimore County, Postmaster in
    MD Line, 1946; member MD Constitutional Conventions of 1850 and 1867;
    several times member of MD Legislature.
    Elect. Loc./Access
    Name Added Entry
    Deford, Thomas, 1833-1901.
    Name Added Entry
    Benjamin Deford & Co.
    Call Number
    MS 1965
    Special Collections Reading Room


  • Dates: 1790-1889
    Notes: MS. 1965 BELL PAPERS
    Financial records of Dr. Ephraim Bell (1793-1875), 1821-75, including bills, receipts, promissory notes, memoranda, and two cashbooks; tuition bills and collections notices from Bell to others to support a school for indigent children in Baltimore County, 1840-48; items concerning his appointment as a postmaster; medical licenses; deeds and surveys; estate papers of Peter Smyser for which Bell served as executor; bills and receipts of Bell’s daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deford, 1870-75,
    including Mrs. Deford’s charitable work and letters of sympathy on the death of Benjamin Deford, 1870; bills and receipts of Benjamin Deford, 1841-43; Pennsylvania land papers, 1790-1843. Records of Benjamin Deford and Company, tanners: bill book (1832-34), sales ledgers (1840-44), cashbook (1837-38, 1840-41), and a receipt book (1838-43). 7 boxes, 1790-1889
    Repository: Maryland Historical Society
  • Dates: 1821
    Notes: M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Historical Sketch of the University of Maryland School of Medicine (1807-1890), with an Introductory Chapter, Notices of the Schools of Law, Arts and Sciences, and Theology, and the Department of Dentistry, and a General Catalog of Medical Alumni Baltimore: Press of Isaac Friedenwald: 163