Caleb Wyand Greeting Rohrer

Birth: ?
Death: ?
Occupation: doctor

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    Author:        New York Academy of Medicine.
    Title:         Miscellaneous physicians' diaries, 1791-1946.
    Description:   105 v.
    Notes:         Diaries, primarily nineteenth century, contain
                      accounts of travel; medical training, practices, and work in
                      hospitals; wars in which physicians served; and personal
                      affairs.  Among the many diarists are Charles Buxton;
                      Frederic Shepard Dennis, England; David Hosack; Milo Linus
                      North, Sharon, Conn. and Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; Willard
                      Parker; Caleb Wyand Geeting Rohrer, Baltimore, Md.; Howard
                      Townsend; Peter Solomon Townsend; Daniel Brigham, Berlin,
                      Mass.; John Burke, New York; David Hanford; Francis William
                      O'Connor; Isaac Paine, Marshfield, Mass.; Linsley Rudd
                      Williams; and others.  Of note are a diary kept by Ferebe E.
                      Guion while a nursing student at St. Luke's Hospital Training
                      School for Nurses, and at Sloane Maternity Hospital, 1891-ca.
                      1898; diaries kept by Nathan Sturges Jarvis while he served
                      as a surgeon in the army in Florida, 1837-1839, and in Texas
                      during the war with Mexico, 1845-1846; a diary kept by
                      Armentus Boyden Bixby while Assistant Surgeon with the 4th
                      Regiment Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1864, in Virginia and
                      Maryland; and a medical log containing letters, clippings,
                      photographs, and wireless messages kept by James Francis
                      O'Donnelly while aboard the S.S. RED CROSS, 1914 (the ship
                      was carrying doctors, nurses, and medical supplies from the
                      American National Red Cross).  Some appointment books are
                   Card catalog.
    Subjects:      Buxton, Charles, 1768-1833.
                   Dennis, Frederic Shepard.
                   Hosack, David, 1769-1835.
                   North, Milo Linus.
                   Parker, Willard, 1800-1884.
                   Rohrer, Caleb Wyand Geeting.
                   Townsend, Howard.
                   Townsend, Peter Solomon.
                   Brigham, Daniel.
                   Burke, John.
                   Hanford, David.
                   0'Connor, William Francis.
                   Paine, Isaac.
                   Williams, Linsley Rudd.
                   Guion, Ferebe E.
                   Jarvis, Nathan Sturges.
                   Bixby, Armentus Boyden.
                   Donnelly, James Francis.
                   Red Cross (Ship)
                   American National Red Cross.
                   St. Luke's Hospital (New York, N.Y.). Training
                      School for Nurses.
                   Sloane Hospital for Women (New York, N.Y.)
                   United States. Army. Regiment, Vermont
                      Volunteers, 4th.
                   Medicine -- History.
                   Medicine -- Study and teaching.
                   Hospitals -- New York (N.Y.)
                   Hospitals, Gynecologic and obstetric -- New York
                   Medicine -- Practice.
                   Physicians -- Diaries.
                   Physicians -- New York (N.Y.)
                   Physicians -- England.
                   Physicians -- Connecticut -- Sharon.
                   Physicians -- New York (State) -- Saratoga
                   Physicians -- Maryland -- Baltimore.
                   Physicians -- Massachusetts -- Berlin.
                   Physicians -- Massachussetts -- Marshfield.
                   Women -- Diaries.
                   Nursing students -- New York (N.Y.)
                   Nursing schools -- New York (N.Y.)
                   Medical education.
                   World War, 1914-1918 -- War work -- Red Cross.
                   Florida -- History -- 1821-1865.
                   Texas -- History -- Republic, 1836-1846.
                   United States -- Armed Forces.
                   United States -- History -- War with Mexico,
                      1845-1848 -- Medical care.
                   United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865
                      -- Medical care.
                   Diaries. ftamc
                   Photoprints. ftamc
    Location:      New York Academy of Medicine. Malloch Rare Book
                      and History of Medicine Collection, New York, NY.
    Control No.:   NYHV87-A2272