David Harlan

Birth: 1809, Nov. 30
Death: 1893, Jul. 12
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1809-1893
    Source: Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy, Medical Annals of Maryland 1799-1899 Baltimore: The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty for the State of Maryland: 428
  • Dates: 1831-1838 between
    Notes: Graduate, Washington Medical College
    U.S.N., Maryland
    Source: Abrahams, Harold J., Extinct Medical Schools of Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society: 28
  • Dates: 1855/02/23
    Notes: Rank: Medical Director
    Enlistment/Muster In: Feb. 23, 1855
    Discharge/Muster Out: Entered the service as Asst. Surgeon; promoted Passed Asst. Surgeon; Surgeon; attached, in 1861, to sloop Cyane; steam sloop Saranac, Pacific Squadron, 1863; Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, 1864-5; continued in service, and subsequently promoted Medical Director, with relative rank of Commodore.

    Source: Maryland Soldiers in the Civil War, Vol. 2