Edward Garrett Altvater

Birth: 1885
Death: 1915, May 2
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1885-1915

    Name: Edward Garrett Altvater
    Cause of death: surgery, complications, appendicitis
    Death date: May 2, 1915
    Place of death: Baltimore, MD
    Birth date: 1885
    Place of birth: Baltimore, MD

    Type of practice: Allopath
    States and years of licenses:MD, 1914
    Places and dates of practices:Baltimore, MD, Nov 30, 1914
    Medical school(s): University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore: University of Maryland School of Medicine and Coll of Phys and Surgeons, 1911, (G)
    Other education: Baltimore Polytec. Inst
    Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 64:1779

    Source: Directory of Deceased American Physicians 1804-1929