A. L. Mackay

Birth: ?
Death: 1858, Feb. 10
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City
  • Howard

Additional Information

  • Dates: 2/11/1858

    Distressing Events — Suicide of Dr. A. L. Mackay — The numerous friends of Dr. A. L. Mackay, for some months past a lodger at the Western Hotel, Howard street, were yesterday startled by the announcement of his death, by his own hands it is supposed. The act was premeditated, as he was heard to remark on several occasions that he was tired of living, and wished to die some easy death. On Sunday last it seems he came to the determination to put an end to his existence, and wrote a letter to J. Shaeff Stockett, Esq., of the Baltimore bar, detailing his reasons for so doing and giving directions concerning his funeral, disposal of his property, & c. After writing several letters, and eating his dinner, he left the hotel, but returned about midnight and retired to his room. It is thought he swallowed the fatal draught of morphine immediately, yet the effects of the drug were not make apparent until Tuesday morning. In the meantime he kept his room, neither did he rise to dress himself.

    As soon as the truth became known, messengers were dispatched for medical aid, and a number of eminent physicians were in attendance — among them Drs. White, Emery, Robinson and Johnson — who devised with all their skill for his relief. The stomach pump was applied, but without much effect, the poison having become too deeply settled. The galvanic battery was then resorted to with a like result. The patient all the while remained ina state of stupor or insensibility, from which he never aroused, and he breathed his last about 6 o’ clock yesterday morning. A vial containing a potion of morphine was found in his chamber. The coroner was notified, but yielding to the solicitations of the friends of the deceased, no inquest was held, the cause of death being clearly shown. Dr. Mackay, who was widely known throughout the State, was a native of Georgetown, D.C., but for many years resided in Howard county, Md, and more recently in this city. He had an extensive medical knowledge, and during the administration of General Jackson was appointed surgeon in the United States army. At the time of his demise, Dr. Mackay was unmarried, his wife having died some years since, leaving to his care a family of children. His funeral will take place to-day from the Western hotel, and, agreeably to his request, the remains will be interred in Loudon Park Cemetery. Deceased was aged about 60 years.

    The Sun (Baltimore) February 11, 1858