Woman’s Medical College of Baltimore

Founded: Opened 1882
Closed: ca. 1910
Location 1882-1885: 126 North Eutaw Street, near Franklin Street, Baltimore, MD
Location 1882-1887?: Hiss property on McCulloh Street, Baltimore, MD
Location 1887-1888: 510 N. Eutaw above Franklin, Baltimore, MD
Location 1888-1895: SE corner Hoffman Street, Baltimore, MD
Location 1895-ca. 1910: corner of McCulloh and Hoffman Sts., Baltimore, MD

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  • See also: Women’s and Child’s Hospital and Dispensary

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1901
    Notes: Has an obstetrical department.Source: Charity Organization Society, Directory of the Charitable and Beneficent Organizations of Baltimore together with Legal Suggestions, Etc. Baltimore: : 51
  • Dates: 1910
    Notes: WOMAN’S MEDICAL COLLEGE OF Baltimore. Organized 1882. An independent institution.
    Entrance requirement: Less than a high school education.
    Attendance: 22.
    Teaching staff: 31, of whom 18 are professors, 13 of other grade.
    Resources available for maintenance: Fees, amounting to $2000.
    Laboratory facilities: Small laboratories, scrupulously well kept, show a desire to do the best possible with meager resources: pathology, bacteriology, embryology, chemistry, and anatomy are thus taught.
    Clinical facilities: These are quite insufficient: across the street from the school is a hospital with 17 beds; supplementary material is obtained at several institutions through staff connections.
    A suite of rooms in the college building is devoted to dispensary purposes. There is a fair attendance. Date of visit: March, 1909.Source: Flexner, Abraham, Medical Education in the United States and Canada: A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching New York: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: 237