German Aged Men & Women’s Home [Geman Aged People’s Home]

Location: Baltimore and Payson Streets, Baltimore, MD

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1894
    Notes: THE GERMAN AGED PEOPLE’S HOME, situated at the corner of Baltimore and Payson streets, Baltimore, cost $65,000. This institution, although organized by citizens of German birth, makes no discrimination in the admission of applicants as to nationality or creed. In the erection of the building the Board of Directors were largely assisted by the Ladies’ Aid Society, an auxiliary to the Board of Directors. Since the construction of the building there have been 131 beneficiaries. This institution is presided over by a careful Board of Managers, who are very active and energetic in their efforts to provide for the aged and infirm who have been so very fortunate as to find this comfortable home in their declining years. The annual expenses of this institution are $6,000, which amount is largely made up by contributors; the General Assembly of Maryland appropriating the sum of $1,500 per annum. The necessities for an institution of this character to provide for the aged men and women of our State are well recognized, and it would seem that the action of the General Assembly of 1892 in assisting this institution cannot be questioned.
    Source: Message of Frank Brown, Governor of Maryland, to the General Assembly at its Regular Session, January, 1894 Baltimore: Wm. J.C. Dullany Company: 85