John T. King

Birth: 1890
Death: 1979
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: 1907-1930
    Notes: King Collection, PP 61
    Maryland Historical Society

    Dates of Photographs: 1907-1930
    Collection History: Dr. John T. King, Jr. (1890-1979) was a Baltimore internist, educator, and author, son of Dr. John T. and Mary Bowen Gees King. A graduate of Princeton University (1910) and Johns Hopkins Medical School (1914), King was an intern and resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1914-1916. In 1916 he married Charlotte Markell Baker (1891-1981), a graduate of Hood College, daughter of Virginia Markell and Joseph Dill Baker, a Frederick, Md. industrialist, financier and philanthropist.
    Accession Number: 76260
    Physical Description: 364 photoprints, including 2 photograph albums – in 1 box.

    One album ca. 1907 depicts children and teenagers, mostly girls, and young adults. The children may be students at the Miss Porterís School at Farmington, Conn. These photographs include many outdoor recreation scenes, including ice-skating, tennis, and water sports. There are many informal group portraits which are undated and unidentified, and a group class photograph with some people identified. Included are unidentified images of buildings, a harbor or river, a library, and theatrical productions.

    The second album ca. 1907-1913 depicts the family and friends of J.T. King, Jr., showing young adults engaged in leisure activities, especially boating, camping in Maryland and in the Shenandoah Valley (Va.), with a few pictures of people in Baltimore and the 1913 Wilson inauguration in Washington D.C. People depicted include family and school friends, as well as people residing in the areas visited by King: the Henry family of Limeton, a Capt.Yancy and his family, and the Kaufmann family of Maukís Mill in the Shenandoah Valley.

    A portrait of Benjamin Gees is included separately.

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    Restrictions: No