John J. King

Birth: 1887
Death: ?
Occupation: doctor

Associated Counties

  • Baltimore City

Additional Information

  • Dates: var. dates
    Notes: OH. 8052 JOHN J. KING, JR. (1887-
    Prominent Baltimore physician; consultant in internal medicine and cardiology beginning in 1919; chief physician at the Baltimore City Hospitals, 1939-46; chief of medical service, Walter Reed Hospital, 1942- 45; author of medical books and articles on cardiology and metabolism.

    Family background; Baltimor6 medical schools; comparison between father’s practice and his own; service during World War II; origin of the stethoscope; Bromo-Seltzer; Bufferin; electrocardiography; metabolism studies; gerontological research; Maryland drug-user treatment law. Mentions H. L. Mencken, Gen. John Pershing, Field Marshall Sir John Dill, and United States presidents and Maryland governors.
    Interviewer: Barry Lanman 1973-74
    343 pp. 16 hours
    Source: Maryland Historical Society
    Supplementary material: biographical cartoon by R. Yardley; citation
    from American College of Surgeons; pictures of King.